Volume Three of Derek Waters’ series of Drunk History lessons relates the inspiring and noble tale of Oney Judge, a… Read More »

I should really start filming the Fanboy of the Month photo shoots. Pictures alone just don’t do justice to the charm,… Read More »

(Click on image above to view full gallery.)  Stats Name LaGuan Home San Jose, CA Age 25 Hobbies/Interests Dancing,… Read More »

I discovered Galaxy Quest on cable one night and couldn’t stop laughing. I ran out and bought the DVD and have now… Read More »

And so I’m back…from outer space. Close enough. I’m back from New Orleans. Unfortunately, my Southern Decadence… Read More »

I spent the weekend in rural Wisconsin with my parents.  I am constantly grateful that I was raised with parents who… Read More »

Better late on Friday, than never! Greetings from New Orleans! Sadly, Paul’s reign as Fanboy of the Month is coming… Read More »

Everybody has their own version of "comfort food", even if it isn't actually food. It's a favorite activity, a song, or something… Read More »

Those of us of a certain persuasion (i. e. "fanboys") have always known about the power of comic books and superheroes to… Read More »

Since I’m off to New Orleans for Southern Decadence and don’t know what my internet connection is going to be… Read More »

Yay! The Fanboys of the Universe podcast is back! And this time, it’s personal. Actually, this time it’s Buffy.… Read More »

Maybe it was because my supply of peanut M&Ms ended at exactly the same time, but I had a major Star Wars epiphany at… Read More »

What a week! And what a bumper crop of funny and clever quotes from our funny and clever members! Some really good stuff… Read More »

Finally, something useful to plug into your USB port. Described as a “lamp,” your computer charges the battery… Read More »

Can you believe how quickly August has flown by?! It seems like only yesterday you were all demanding that I fork over the… Read More »

The folks at Toys R Us know they’re dealing with a big ‘mo when you place the following items down at check-out:… Read More »

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