Finally, something useful to plug into your USB port. Described as a “lamp,” your computer charges the battery… Read More »

Can you believe how quickly August has flown by?! It seems like only yesterday you were all demanding that I fork over the… Read More »

The folks at Toys R Us know they’re dealing with a big ‘mo when you place the following items down at check-out:… Read More »

Remember my special meeting with Sam J. Jones (aka Flash Gordon) at Comic-Con a few weeks ago? As you can imagine, I’ve… Read More »

I recently priced arcade consoles, because I thought a Ms. Pac-Man and Donkey Kong would look cool in my rumpus room and… Read More »

When Batman Returns first came out, I saw it with a handsome, but odd fellow who was fairly obsessed with Catwoman. Not long… Read More »

A couple of people have sent this to me, so I thought I’d better share it. Besides being well-made and rather clever,… Read More »

So Warner Bros. has decided to delay the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to July 17, 2009. It had originally… Read More »

So I’ve been getting a couple of messages from you guys a day, saying the same thing: “Why do we have to wait… Read More »

Are you tired of being subtle about how powerful your package is? Want to let that special guy know right away that beneath… Read More »

In the harsh realms of World of Warcraft, much like in real life, I would never be able to buy shiny new transportation on… Read More »

I’ve resisted the Mighty Muggs movement of vinyl plush cuteness thus far, but may have to change my mind now that I’ve… Read More »

Johnny M sums up the twink exploitation horror genre pretty succinctly in this week’s Quote of the Week: “David… Read More »

I can’t help it. Anytime there’s a new Star Wars movie in theaters, I get excited and feel like I’m 5 years… Read More »

If you’ve wondered what’s caused the recent spike in membership here at Fanboys of the Universe, the answer is… Read More »

Most election-themed marketing makes me ill. I can do without bottles of beer and candy bars pretending to run for office.… Read More »

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