Welcome to the first FBOTU contest to WIN an exclusive King Grayskull figure from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe… Read More »

So I feel perfectly comfortable (and legal) saying he is one sexy boy who lived. Tragically, Daniel is not in this teaser… Read More »

You know it’s a good Comic-Con party when you’re standing at the urinal, holding your junk and Samuel Jackson… Read More »

So here’s the scoop. During the Mattel panel at Comic Con today, they screened the King Grayskull episode from the… Read More »

Check out how adorable he is when he opens the box and wins the Golden Ticket! Read More »

Woohoo! I’m in beautiful downtown San Diego, eagerly anticipating Preview Night at Comic Con! This year will be unlike… Read More »

Oh, that crazy Batman with his bat gadgets and batcycles and bat nipples. Wait, no bat nipples this time? Damn you, Christopher… Read More »

“I hated her… so…much. It—it.. the f—, it—flame… flames… flames on the side… Read More »

Ever have one of those days where you just want to relax and unwind with a little questing in World of Warcraft? I was already… Read More »

The Cure might not have been talking about FBOTM Friday specifically, but the sentiment is the same! Friday is finally here,… Read More »

After three months, two web designers and one magical wish from the gay podcast fairy, I’m proud to announce that the… Read More »

The gay stars are in alignment this week and all the little gay fanboys of the world shall rejoice! Everyone’s favorite… Read More »

I like museums. I do. I like being surrounded by anything that’s older than I am. It makes me feel young. However,… Read More »

(Image courtesy of Shirtless Superheroes.) ‘Tis a good day to be a God of Thunder! We are pleased to bring you Part… Read More »

(Photo courtesy of and property of Steve Schofield.) British photographer Steve Schofield decided to explore the impact of… Read More »

“Luckily, the McD’s was still open when we came out, and after waiting ages in a queue while a drunk paid for… Read More »

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