I have let very, very few Halloweens slip by without at least one viewing of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.… Read More »

Aigh! Halloween is next week! That means you have less than seven days now to get your costume together, take pics and enter… Read More »

When Fanboy of the Month Justin asked about the next character he’d be playing in our special FBOTMtober photo shoot,… Read More »

In case you’ve been living in a mining freighter in the outer reaches of space for the past couple of years, you might… Read More »

What are the coolest gay guys wearing for Halloween this year? Well, I’ve just compiled a little list of my favorite… Read More »

Series Two of Torchwood, the big gay sci-fi snogfest, just came out on DVD, so I gathered Doctor Who/Torchwood experts Atragon… Read More »

Long, long before every goth and emo kid in town was sporting a Jack Skellington t-shirt, I was fairly obsessed with The… Read More »

Manly by Dale Lazarov and Amy Colburn Special Guest Review by Allen (who is also very manly) Erotica and high concept are… Read More »

And tonight we dine in hell (aka Olive Garden)! Justin, October Fanboy of the Month, wears the Spartan leather underpants… Read More »

On my doorstep yesterday, I found a little box with exotic postage featuring some queen. It wasn’t Sir Elton, but it… Read More »

Woohoo! We’re having a contest! Since we are drifting ever closer to Halloween, it’s time to don your gay apparel… Read More »

Believe it or not, there was a time before The Simpsons, when nothing happened of any historical relevance. Then the wacky… Read More »

Are you sitting down? Because this is big. Thanks to FAO Schwarz, you will soon be able to…design…your…own…Muppet.… Read More »

Futurama is such a great show, that not only does it stand up to repeat viewings, it warrants repeat viewings. Choosing a… Read More »

Justin is unique in the brief history of the Fanboys of the Month, because he’s the first FBOTM to have a costume fitting… Read More »

Are you tired of those fat cats in Washington Hollywood always screwing up the economy your comic books? If purity in comics… Read More »

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