If you’ve been wondering what that song is that’s been playing on the FBOTU MySpace page, check this out. It’s… Read More »

Don’t you wish your warrior was hot like me? I almost gave up around Level 20, but I stuck it out. Warriors don’t… Read More »

Ever wonder how He-Man stays in such great shape? Well, those abs and that ass don’t just come by the power of Grayskull.… Read More »

Have you guys been reading the posts in the daily blog comments section? (We need a clever name for said daily blog, by the… Read More »

Let’s say we’ve had dinner, caught a movie and now the evening finds us back at my place. I open a bottle of… Read More »

Because I was raised through a joint effort by the television and the microwave, I suffer from a certain amount of brain… Read More »

Oy, I did not need to see this first thing in the morning. As you know, I get a slew of emails from toy sellers every morning.… Read More »

I know, I just posted the first shots of LaGuan, our Fanboy of the Month for September, on Tuesday. If you think it’s… Read More »

Can’t stay long. Have to go wait by my mailbox for the new issue of Details, featuring Daniel Radcliffe. Apparently,… Read More »

Volume Three of Derek Waters’ series of Drunk History lessons relates the inspiring and noble tale of Oney Judge, a… Read More »

I should really start filming the Fanboy of the Month photo shoots. Pictures alone just don’t do justice to the charm,… Read More »

(Click on image above to view full gallery.)  Stats Name LaGuan Home San Jose, CA Age 25 Hobbies/Interests Dancing,… Read More »

I discovered Galaxy Quest on cable one night and couldn’t stop laughing. I ran out and bought the DVD and have now… Read More »

And so I’m back…from outer space. Close enough. I’m back from New Orleans. Unfortunately, my Southern Decadence… Read More »

I spent the weekend in rural Wisconsin with my parents.  I am constantly grateful that I was raised with parents who… Read More »

Better late on Friday, than never! Greetings from New Orleans! Sadly, Paul’s reign as Fanboy of the Month is coming… Read More »

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