Johnny M sums up the twink exploitation horror genre pretty succinctly in this week’s Quote of the Week: “David… Read More »

I can’t help it. Anytime there’s a new Star Wars movie in theaters, I get excited and feel like I’m 5 years… Read More »

If you’ve wondered what’s caused the recent spike in membership here at Fanboys of the Universe, the answer is… Read More »

Most election-themed marketing makes me ill. I can do without bottles of beer and candy bars pretending to run for office.… Read More »

Hmm. I like Fred and Geroge Weasley as much as the next Harry Potter fan, but…these busts from Gentle Giant are a little… Read More »

We’ll be performing maintenance on the Gallery throughout the evening. There may be times it’s unavailable or… Read More »

It’s time for a new Quote of the Week! First, my thanks to Mrs. White for holding the spot for two whole weeks, while… Read More »

The Win King Grayskull: Super Duper Haiku contest is over! (Sorry, I’ll work on those titles.) So Super Duper creator… Read More »

I’m way behind on my comics, ironically, because I was at Comic-Con for a week. But I just finished Booster Gold #1,000,000,… Read More »

(Click on image above to view full gallery.)  Stats Name Paul Home Miami Age 30 Website MySpace Hobbies/Interests Comic… Read More »

August is one hot month…hot and sexy and muscular…just like Paul, our new Fanboy of the Month! If you think Paul… Read More »

Welcome to the first FBOTU contest to WIN an exclusive King Grayskull figure from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe… Read More »

So I feel perfectly comfortable (and legal) saying he is one sexy boy who lived. Tragically, Daniel is not in this teaser… Read More »

You know it’s a good Comic-Con party when you’re standing at the urinal, holding your junk and Samuel Jackson… Read More »

So here’s the scoop. During the Mattel panel at Comic Con today, they screened the King Grayskull episode from the… Read More »

Check out how adorable he is when he opens the box and wins the Golden Ticket! Read More »

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