A running gag in the Robert Altman film The Player revolves around movies that are pitched as “X meets Y”, a… Read More »

Despite being one of the most celebrated superheroes of all time, to say nothing of her status as a cultural icon, Wonder… Read More »

If you have to explain a joke to somebody, it’s not funny. The same could be said for horror films. The more you know… Read More »

It could be argued that when The Fifth Element was released to theaters, the world wasn’t prepared for it. The advertisements… Read More »

The right soundtrack can make or break a movie, especially one as big, bright, and go-for-broke crazy as Guardians of the… Read More »

Let’s go back in time for a moment, to the halcyon days of the mid-1990s, when AOL, floppy disks, and dial-up modems… Read More »

Some metaphors are big. Some metaphors are small. Some are delivered with all the grace of a sledgehammer to the forehead,… Read More »

There’s something uncanny about the live-action adaptation of Ghost In The Shell. While it isn’t a direct adaptation… Read More »

There’s something admirably valiant about Power Rangers, the most recent attempt to apply a hard and serious reboot… Read More »

How do you go about reproducing the charm and timeless appeal of one of Disney’s most celebrated animated films in… Read More »

Leave it to a superhero film about a character with claws to stab the heart of its audience and make it feel like a handshake.… Read More »

There are so many sudden and extreme moments of brain-nauseating excess in A Cure For Wellness, the new film by director… Read More »

When The Lego Movie arrived in theaters back in 2014, it was something of a surprise. An animated film based on featureless,… Read More »

In the debate over the lack of female superheroes headlining films, one name often gets left out: Milla Jovovich, star of… Read More »

Or as it might better be known, Killing in the Name of the MacGuffin. What is a MacGuffin? Glad you asked. Alfred Hitchcock… Read More »

War is hell. That’s a fact that most of the films in the Star Wars franchise have glossed over, despite the fact that… Read More »

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