Some of you may already be familiar with Chayne Avery and Russel Garcia‘s Boy Meets Hero adventures from their web… Read More »

Adventure! Romance! Inappropriate discussions about Shia LaBeouf’s anatomy! Hear it all in the latest episode of the… Read More »

In honor of the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Something or Other, let’s have our very first contest!… Read More »

The last of Reinaldo’s Fanboy of the Month photos have been posted to the FBOTM Gallery. Awww. Don’t be sad!… Read More »

Only 19 years since the last movie (I was only six at the time, ahem), Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull… Read More »

I picked up Season Three of The Muppet Show yesterday. See how I made that sound so casual? The truth is that I drove to… Read More »

After a two-week hiatus, the Fanboys of the Universe podcast is back! In this episode, LongSufferingBoyfriend Michael, Adam… Read More »

Nights in the Batcave can get a little wild. Sometimes the Boy Wonder gets cocky and needs some firm, but loving mentoring… Read More »

Chance is traveling for a couple of days, so Razz-Bel stepped in to offer a few of his own fanboy thoughts! Thanks, Razz-Bel!… Read More »

It’s FBOTM Friday! That means there’s new shots of Reinaldo in the Gallery! If you’re just joining us,… Read More »

After years of rumors, speculation and development, it looks like the Fraggle Rock movie is a go! According to Variety, The… Read More »

How have comic book superhero tights, capes and freakshows influenced fashion? If you are in New York or planning to go to… Read More »

Check out Shawn Ashmore! He’s promoting the UK release of The Ruins in June’s issue of Cosmopolitan UK. To the… Read More »

Congratulations to Havoc! His sweet, but hilarious confession in the Comments section of the Iron Man podcast has earned… Read More »

I’m in a gay quandary. Are these new Mattel Barbie dolls based on Speed Racer fabulous or ridiculous? When I first… Read More »

I’m looking into being cryogenically frozen until August 15, 2008, so I don’t swelter in hot, sweaty fanboy anticipation… Read More »

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