WonderCon 2010 Wrap-Up

By Chance

April 06, 2010 at 2:17PM EDT

Greetings from the San Francisco airport! Sadly, it’s time to go and leave the wonders of WonderCon behind. I’m already making a few notes for next year, and March FBOTM Rafael has already offered to be an FBOTM Booth Babe! You won’t want to miss that! Before I fly away, I just want to thank everyone again for supporting Fanboys of the Universe and the profound work we do here. And, just because I can, I’d like to say that Parc 55 Hotel in Union Square is the single worst hotel I’ve ever stayed in (and I’ve stayed in hotels in Branson, people). So, suck it, Parc 55.

(Desmond Miller, Jon Macy and Brian Andersen having the time of their lives at WonderCon!)

Now, for your listening pleasure, we present a handful of clips from in and around our booth at WonderCon!

• Hear Brian Andersen (So Super Duper) and I compete for “Bitchiest Queen of WonderCon.” 
• Hear Rich from Whatever Comics describe his special love for Marc Andreyko.
• Hear Jon Macy (Fearful Hunter) and I get really breathy and whispery as we talk erotic comics.

Since we were recording in unusual surroundings, there are some sound fluctuations. Be mindful of the volume from clip to clip. Thanks for listening!

Click to listen to this episode: 1.28: WonderCon 2010 Wrap-Up