The Vampire Menace

By Chance

September 21, 2010 at 8:40AM EDT


Hey! A new podcast! I’ve been having technical difficulties for, like, ever. I finally got the whole steampunk podcast equipment working again, though my new headset echoes in my ear for some reason. The main drawback to this is that I start listening to myself talk, which makes me talk really slow. So the usually 20-minute podcast is about 10 minutes longer because I apparently love the sound of my own voice.

Anyway! The ever-charming Tommy Roddy and I analyze the hell out of the recent vampire offerings on TV. Here are some highlights:

What Happens in Bon Temps

Stays in Bon Temps

Is Generally Stupid
Tommy felt the season finale of True Blood lacked something. I think the whole show was written during the writers strike a few years ago.

All We Want Is to Be Treated Like Human Beings, Not to Be Experimented On Like Guinea Pigs or Patronized Like Bunny Rabbits
BBC America just aired the season two finale of Being Human for nerds like me who don’t know how to download anything illegally. I’m so glad I waited a whole year to be completely devastated all by myself.

It’s 2010; Shouldn’t It Be The Vampire Blogs?
I give Tommy a crash course on all things VD, from the busy Mystic Falls social calendar to the uncomfortably homoerotic wrestling between hunky uncles and their angry nephews. Good, clean wholesome American teen vampire fun for the whole family!

Thanks for listening!

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