Sean-Z: The Man, the MYTH

By Chance

December 02, 2010 at 9:03AM EST


Have I got a treat for you today! Not only do we have a brand new podcast episode, but it features my chat with Sean-Z, the creator of MYTH and our December Fanboy of the Month! You’ll get to see the first of Sean’s photos, read his bio and check out his behind-the-scenes video tomorrow. Today, you get to listen in and learn a little bit about the man himself. Here are some highlights!

MYTH! MYTH! (Yeth?)
Sean fills us in on the origins of his epic comic book series and talks about the role of eroticism and sexuality in the lives of his characters and their stories.

Bend It Like BENT-CON
A co-founder of BENT-CON, Sean gives us the scoop on L.A.‘s highly anticipated LGBT comic book convention, happening Sunday, December 5! Sean will be there meeting fans, promoting MYTH and signing 2011 Fanboy of the Month Calendars!

Advice for Aspiring FBOTMS
Sean talks about his Fanboy of the Month shoot and how it felt going from a voyeur to an exhibitionist. (It was awesome. Trust me, I was there.)

See more of Sean on FBOTM Friday!

You can learn more about Sean and MYTH on his website: And be sure to tune in tomorrow for Sean’s debut as December Fanboy of the Month!

Thanks for listening!

Click to listen to this episode: 1.32: Sean-Z (The Man, The MYTH)