Podcast: Tumblr 101


Podcast: Tumblr 101

April 19, 2012 at 3:35PM EDT

Whether you’re a Tumblr pro or you’ve never heard of it before, this is the podcast for you! Chance is joined by special guest and Team FBOTU member Chris to discuss all things Tumblr. In addition to being one of the stars of the This Is Outcasted gaming podcast, Chris is the editor and curator of the Fanboys of the Universe Tumblr site!

In this episode:

Get to know Chris! Learn about the qualifications, obsessions and interests that make him uniquely qualified to rule FBOTU’s Tumblr!
Do you know your GPOY from your YOLO? Get a crash course on the jargon of Tumblr.
Building communities through Tumblr. Think you’re alone? You’re not! Tumblr is a great way to find other geeks (gay or otherwise) who share you interests!
Don’t miss out on the chance to submit questions to Chris via Tumblr on April 18. Throw a few Asks in his Inbox. You’ll be glad you did!

Our thanks to Chris for all his hard work and for taking a short break from Tumblr to talk to us! And thanks to you for listening!

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