Podcast: Real-Life Superhero Zimmer Barnes

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Podcast: Real-Life Superhero Zimmer Barnes

June 05, 2012 at 3:03PM EDT

Fans of Michael Barnett’s documentary Superheroes will immediately recognize our special guest for this podcast: Zimmer Barnes! (Podcast link is at the bottom of this page.) Zimmer is an active member of the real-life superhero movement and made a memorable impression on audiences as the out and proud member of the New York Initiative team. In addition to his activism, Zimmer is also a tech inventor. His latest creation, the Apollo Armband Solar Generator (named after the iconic gay superhero) is a potentially life-saving tool everyone should have in their emergency supplies. (Especially with all the zombie activity that’s been going on!) You can help Zimmer make the Apollo a reality (and get your very own!) by supporting his Kickstarter project.

Unfortunately, bicep not included.

Podcast Highlights:
Zimmer and I talk about Superheroes and its impact on the real-life superhero movement.
A real-life gay superhero gives his perspective on the recent gay characters and storylines in DC and Marvel.
How do real-life superhero teams compare to The Avengers?
The Apollo isn’t just for emergencies. Take it to Comic-Con! I know I will!

My thanks to Zimmer for taking the time to chat with us about his life, his work and the Apollo! And thanks to all of you for listening! The podcast link is below. Keep scrolling.


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Does whatever a Zimmer can.

Click to listen to this episode: 2:05 Real Life Superhero Zimmer Barnes