Podcast Episode 5: Indiana Jones and the Shia-Obsessed Fanboys

By Chance

May 27, 2008 at 12:33PM EDT

Adventure! Romance! Inappropriate discussions about Shia LaBeouf’s anatomy!

Hear it all in the latest episode of the Fanboys of the Universe podcast! Now with genuine sound effects!


In this week’s thrilling installment, I am joined by funnyman Chuck from Daily Chuckle, Razz-Bel and new Podboy of the Universe Johnny M. Since Razz-Bel is also a Johnny, chaos and confusion ensue! There’s a trick to telling them apart, though. One has a Minnesota accent and one has a Texas accent. But which is which?! Only the Crystal Skull knows! Spoliers abound! In fact, so many spoilers that I lost count at, like, a million. So beware!

Enjoy! Thanks for listening!


Click to listen to this episode: 1.5: Shia Time