Podcast: Geeks OUT at NYCC


Podcast: Geeks OUT at NYCC

October 17, 2012 at 3:53PM EDT

New York Comic-Con begins on Thursday, October 11, and it promises to be the gayest NYCC ever! Thanks, in no small part, to the members of Geeks OUT, a local group serving the LGBTQ geek community. In this special podcast brunch episode (link below), we sip mimosas and chat with Patrick Yacco and Jono Jarrett of Geeks OUT about building gay geek communities and bringing a gay presence to conventions.

Here are a few highlights:

If You Can’t Make It There, Make It Anywhere
Not in New York City? No problem. You can start a gay geeks community wherever you are. Patrick and Jono talk about how Geeks OUT got off the ground and how you can do it in your own home town.

If You Build It, They Will Con
If you ARE in the New York area, there’s lots of gay geekery going on both before and after the convention. Find out what Geeks OUT and Prism Comics have going on during the show and after hours. If you are NOT in the New York area, then draw some inspiration from the Geeks OUT folks and plan similar events around your own local convention(s).

Doctor WTF
Jono and I can’t resist a quick dish about the mid-season finale of Doctor Who. Spoiler alert! Did the Ponds get the send-off they deserved? And why the hell didn’t we get to see River’s shoes?!

My thanks to Patrick and Jono for chatting with me and to you, our faithful listeners, for tuning in. Enjoy! And if you’re attending NYCC, be sure to stop by the Prism Comics booth (#1875) and the Geeks OUT booth (#1974) to meet your fellow gay geeks at the show!

Click to listen to this episode: 2:08 Geeks OUT at NYCC