Podcast: FBOTU’s 2012 Preview


Podcast: FBOTU’s 2012 Preview

January 11, 2012 at 3:21PM EST

It’s our first podcast of the new year! Huzzah! (“Huzzah” is something I’m going to be saying in 2012, just so you know.) What better time to look back at 2011, share a few memories, laugh, cry and roll our eyes at the year that was, then look ahead at all the geeky goodness coming our way in 2012. True, we could have done this at the end of December, but a) I had a cold and b) that Ancient Aliens marathon wasn’t going to watch itself. So, sit back, relax and let Chance and Johnny M take you on a magical journey into the past and the future. Let’s Time Lord this bitch!

Here are a few highlights:

Johnny M shares his favorite movies (and movie surprises) of 2011!
Chance talks comics and the relaunch that changed the world forever. Forever!
Golden Globes! Oscars! Billy Crystal! We’re not looking forward to one of these things, and he knows who he is.
Excited about movies in 2012? Oh, you will be. You…will…be. FBOTU runs through a whole year of highly-anticipated geek and geek-friendly films.
There will be cons aplenty in the new year. Which ones are you looking forward to the most? There are 27 million in March alone.
Chance makes a shocking announcement about the future of something you’ve all being asking about. (Hint: geeky guys in underpants.) Don’t miss it!

Please enjoy and thanks for listening!

P.S. Huzzah!

Click to listen to this episode: 2:03: 2012 FBOTU Preview