Podcast Episode 10.5: Thor 101 Part Two: THORGASM

By Chance

July 15, 2008 at 5:35AM EDT


(Image courtesy of Shirtless Superheroes.)

‘Tis a good day to be a God of Thunder! We are pleased to bring you Part 2 of our Thor 101 podcast series. This is a very special episode, too! In addition to our fun and lively discussion of the big beautiful blonde boy himself, you’ll also hear the Fanboys of the Universe Players perform The Mighty Thor Battles the Lava Man! Trust me, you don’t want to miss that! Here are a couple of other highlights:

“Myth! Myth!” “Yes?”
Get up to speed and learn all you need to know to jump right in and join the Big Gay Thor Corps.

New Thor: Too Much Armor! Take It Off!
The new book by J. Michael Straczynski has Thor fanboys enjoying multiple Thorgasms around the world! Get the scoop!

If I Had a Hammer
After too much champagne, I start offering listeners fabulous Thor prizes. Tune in and find out what tricks I’m forcing you to perform for my amusement now!

Enjoy! As always, thanks for listening! And whatever you do, don’t click here.

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