Live! At BENT-CON!


Live! At BENT-CON!

December 07, 2010 at 5:50AM EST

You know, I don’t type these letters very often, but I will make an exception just this once: OMG! That pretty much sums it up. BENT-CON was ridiculously fun! I had a blast, and not just because I was surrounded by FBOTMs all day. (Well, that did have a lot to do with the lack of blood reaching my brain for several hours.) But another reason this inaugural event celebrating LGBT comics, creators and fans was so much fun is because I got to chat with so many of my favorite gay writers and artists.

I cornered Charles “Zan” Christensen (Northwest Press), Jon Macy (Teleny & Camille), Brad Rader (Fogtown), Steve MacIsaac (Shirtlifter) and Michael Troy (The Blonde Squad), just to name a few and chatted with each about their work, their fans and their expectations and experiences at BENT-CON.

The date has been set for next year’s event in L.A., so be sure to mark your calendars for Sunday, December 4, 2011 and make every human (or superhuman) effort to attend. Until then, this podcast will give you a little taste of the BENT-CON experience. Enjoy!

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Thanks for listening! And thanks to all the creative people who took some time to talk to me!

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