Comics Load: The Adventures of Bat-Cow

By Chance

Comics Load: The Adventures of Bat-Cow

May 24, 2012 at 2:52AM EDT

I admit it, last week I was pretty gloomy on all the Comics Load titles I was reading. This week is much better, I promise! We’ve got Bat-Cows and Norse mythology and a gay marriage proposal (or, as we call it in the real world: a marriage proposal). There’s been a ton of media coverage this past week, not only on Marvel‘s upcoming GAY wedding story, but also DC‘s upcoming GAY character revelation. It’s a good time to be a gay media sensation in the comics world. So, if you’re just finding comics (and FBOTU) this week, then welcome! The gay comics community is pretty chill. And while I can’t promise that we all say things like “pretty chill,” I can guarantee that you’ve found your people. Enjoy.

Now, on with the Load!