Comics Load: Abused by Bats

By Chance

Comics Load: Abused by Bats

May 31, 2012 at 5:03AM EDT

How many times can I use “disembowel” in one Comics Load? It’s kind of a bloody week in comics, so I threw in a couple of family-friendly titles to help even out the rivers of blood. Thankfully, it wasn’t really an Owl-heavy week, so that’s a nice break for the DC fans out there. And speaking of summer events, how are you enjoying this year’s offerings? Is Night of the Owls rocking your world? Who’s your favorite Talon so far? (I’m totally shipping William and Alton!) Have you taken a side in Avengers VS. X-Men? Are you wearing the appropriate team’s t-shirt every day? Let us know!
Now, on with the Load!