Comics Load: Avengers VS Avengers

By Chance

Comics Load: Avengers VS Avengers

May 03, 2012 at 3:31PM EDT

On the eve of The Avengers and Star Wars Day, is anyone even reading comics this week? Don’t feel bad if you haven’t gotten to your own load yet. It’s like trying to study on Christmas Eve. Luckily, FBOTU’s Comics Load did the reading for you! It’s a pretty good week, actually. Especially gratifying is when multiple LGBTQ characters or storylines show up in a non-Kevin Keller week! Now it really does feel like Christmas! Not only do we get shout-outs in Avengers Academy, but Apollo and Midnighter are reveling in the glow of a budding romance, you know, that magical time when your hands are always covered in alien blood and a conspiracy of shadows threaten to destroy all you hold dear. Le sigh.
So, what’s in your load? Any favorites or standouts? Let us know in the comments section below.
Now, on with the Comics Load!