There’s something admirably valiant about Power Rangers, the most recent attempt to apply a hard and serious reboot… Read More »

How do you go about reproducing the charm and timeless appeal of one of Disney’s most celebrated animated films in… Read More »

Leave it to a superhero film about a character with claws to stab the heart of its audience and make it feel like a handshake.… Read More »

There are so many sudden and extreme moments of brain-nauseating excess in A Cure For Wellness, the new film by director… Read More »

When The Lego Movie arrived in theaters back in 2014, it was something of a surprise. An animated film based on featureless,… Read More »

In the debate over the lack of female superheroes headlining films, one name often gets left out: Milla Jovovich, star of… Read More »

Or as it might better be known, Killing in the Name of the MacGuffin. What is a MacGuffin? Glad you asked. Alfred Hitchcock… Read More »

War is hell. That’s a fact that most of the films in the Star Wars franchise have glossed over, despite the fact that… Read More »

Sometimes we have to look backward to move forward, and that’s especially true in the case of Moana, the latest animated… Read More »

Too often, when something is labeled “science fiction”, it often just means “set in space.” This… Read More »

One thing lacking in both the Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes is something that seems so fundamental to the superhero mythos:… Read More »

For 35 years, there has been one undisputed Queen of Halloween, one gal whose ample assets have bounced her to the top and… Read More »

Like a strange genetic hybrid of X-Men and Harry Potter covered in a high-gloss coat of candy-colored, Hot Topic-approved… Read More »

It might be hard to believe, but back in the dark days of 1999 when people huddled around tube-based televisions in fear… Read More »

The best fairy tales are the ones that don’t seem like what modern audiences have come to think of as “fairy… Read More »

What if you threw a superhero party and didn’t recognize anybody who showed up? That’s sort of the vibe given… Read More »

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