Woohoo! Don’t forget to visit your local comic book retailers for Free Comic Book Day! Show them some gay spending… Read More »

Can he swing from a web? No he can’t, he’s made of iron… Look out! Here comes the Iron Man! Iron Man is… Read More »

Part Johnny Depp, part Keanu Reeves and all adorable, meet Reinaldo, your Fanboys of the Universe Fanboy of the Month for… Read More »

 (Click on image above to view full gallery.)  Stats Name Reinaldo Home Los Angeles Age 24 Hobbies/Interests Dance,… Read More »

Ugh. My days of World of Warcraft are numbered. They want me to get a job! Excuse me, but being blonde and muscular and heroic… Read More »

In case you’ve been wondering about the lineup of hunks hovering over the Fanboys of the Universe page, wonder no more.… Read More »

(Image courtesy of So you’ve been meaning to catch up on 45 years of Doctor Who so you can jump on board… Read More »

If you check out the box at the top of the left menu, you’ll see our new Quote of the Week! Every week I’m going… Read More »

This I know: Every day I can count on e-mail from three sources: George Lucas, and Hillary Clinton. And they… Read More »

Hey kids! It’s Fanboy of the Month Friday! That means I’ve posted the rest of the photos from Timothy’s Fanboy of the… Read More »

Last night, I dragged Long Suffering Boyfriend (LSB) with me to a taping of a special online concert by Alanis Morissette.… Read More »

It all started innocently enough. A cute boy was telling me about World of Warcraft and that I should join his realm on his… Read More »

 (Click on image above to view full gallery.)  Stats Name Timothy Home Los Angeles Age 22 Hobbies/Interests Reading,… Read More »

Or Is that a light saber in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? I’m proud and terrified to present the first… Read More »

I think Bonnie Tyler said it best, when she asked, “Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods?”… Read More »

Now I know how proud the Emperor must have felt when the Death Star was completed. “Finally, I shall rule the universe!… Read More »

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