Spoiler alert! The following entry discusses the events of Sunday’s season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead.    … Read More »

This past week, on Facebook, a friend of mine posted a reworked poster for The Walking Dead. It showed Herschel’s farm,… Read More »

WARNING: The following recap contains SPOILERS! If you haven’t seen the previous episode of The Walking Dead, please… Read More »

All right, fine. I’m going to stop mentioning how I think that The Walking Dead is slow. I’ve accepted it now,… Read More »

I guess the best word to describe this week’s episode of The Walking Dead would be: intimate. “18 Miles Out”… Read More »

I’m not the first or even the only one to think that Season 2 of The Walking Dead has been more than a little…slow.… Read More »

And they’re back. For some reason, AMC has made us wait three months for the return of The Walking Dead which, if you… Read More »

“Pretty Much Dead Already,” this week’s episode of The Walking Dead definitely makes up for the last few.… Read More »

You know, I don’t really know how I feel about The Walking Dead at the moment. I go back and forth between feeling… Read More »

I’ll be honest. I was really excited for this week’s episode of The Walking Dead when I found out it was titled… Read More »

Only a select few in this world can really wear overalls and make it work. Mario and Luigi. Season three Willow from Buffy… Read More »

There’s an effective narration towards the beginning of “Save the Last One,” the latest episode of AMC’s The… Read More »

Episode two of AMC’s The Walking Dead, “Bloodletting,” opens as Lori confides in a friend that she and Rick have had… Read More »

After several excruciating months of wondering what exactly Dr. Jenner whispered into Rick’s ear in the final episode… Read More »

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