You know it’s going to be a monumental episode of Supernatural when they start with “Carry On Wayward Son”… Read More »

Then Sam’s all f***ked up. Satan is inside him, and he’s not being very gentle about it. Now As “The Born-Again… Read More »

It was an Alex Krycek weekend, did you notice? Not only did former X-Files hottie Nicholas Lea appear on Supernatural (as… Read More »

This week’s episode of Supernatural, “Season 7, Time for a Wedding!” dares to ask the question, “Would… Read More »

True story. I played with a Ouija board once at a party. It wasn’t really doing anything until this girl walked into… Read More »

Before we start this week’s episode of Supernatural, we’re reminded again that Dean killed Sam’s childhood… Read More »

Welcome back, Supernatural fans! (Supernaturites? Supernaturalists?) It’s another week and another reminder that Dean… Read More »

This week’s episode of Supernatural begins with a very pointed recap of last week’s episode. Think maybe the… Read More »

In last week’s episode of Supernatural, Leviathans took over Sioux Falls general hospital, and Sam found that he could… Read More »

When last we left Supernatural, Cas put the souls back in Purgatory, but couldn’t quite shake the Leviathans dwelling… Read More »

Can you believe Supernatural is back for a seventh season? I’m not complaining, necessarily, even though season six… Read More »

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