Spoiler alert! The following entry discusses the events of Sunday’s season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead.    … Read More »

What do we have in the FBOTU Pull-List this week? Let’s see…He-Man…Jem…Darth Vader?! It’s… Read More »

I saw Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel three times before I felt like I could really write about it fairly. Like many others,… Read More »

Fringe is back! And oh, how I’ve missed it. During the winter hiatus, I tried to keep myself busy by watching re-runs and… Read More »

On Wednesday, TV’s Buffy Summers turned 30 years old, and I missed it. I had to read about it on CNN, of all places.… Read More »

Nothing snaps me out of a drunken stupor faster than Dark Knight casting news! Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan issued… Read More »

And we’re back! I received some complaints over the last Load that I’d like to address before we get started.… Read More »

On Wednesday, Archie Comics announced that beginning in April, digital versions of its comics will be available on the same… Read More »

Join us tonight in the Forum for the premiere of the US version of Being Human. What will the Annie character do if she’s… Read More »

If you’re a Fanboy of the Universe in the Netherlands, or you’re planning a trip to the Netherlands, or if you’ve… Read More »

Who the f**k are these people? What did England ever do to us? Yes, they taxed our property; they didn’t give us any… Read More »

Marvel announced this week that longtime editor and Marvel fixture Axel Alonso would be taking over as Editor-in-Chief from… Read More »

I always get a little depressed just after the holidays, mainly because I’d like every day to be like a K-Mart Christmas… Read More »

Gather your Meemaw, pack your fox fur and fatten your pig, Drew Droege returns as Chloe Sevigny with some helpful hints for… Read More »

In yesterday’s Comics Load, I panned DC’s annual holiday book because murder and ritualistic bloodletting just doesn’t… Read More »

I’ve always been a little scared of ballet dancers. And Barbara Hershey. And birds. And even Natalie Portman, who reminds… Read More »

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