After an assembly of four years, Marvel finally unleashes The Avengers, one of the best and purest superhero films ever made.… Read More »

Edgar Allen Poe gets run through the grindhouse gears in the compellingly illogical The Raven. WARNING: QUOTH THE MILD SPOILER!… Read More »

The horror genre is brilliantly torn limb from limb when Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon visit The Cabin In The Woods. WARNING:… Read More »

Julia Roberts leads a surprisingly crisp and juicy take on Snow White in Mirror, Mirror.   WARNING: MAY CONTAIN THE SPOILERIEST… Read More »

A sequel nobody asked for to a remake nobody wanted tries to desperately validate its existence in Wrath of the Titans. WARNING:… Read More »

Once upon a time, in the year 1983, a young woman appeared on the pop scene named Madonna. Her music wasn’t radically… Read More »

Jennifer Lawrence is the Girl on Fire in the thrilling, captivating and emotional The Hunger Games. WARNING: MAY CONTAIN… Read More »

Taylor Kitsch’s nipples star in Cowboys & Aliens 2: Electric Boogaloo. On Mars. In 3-D. Yay? WARNING: CONTAINS… Read More »

Amanda Seyfried hunts for the deranged Cinemax executive who holds her career hostage in the inexplicable Gone. WARNING:… Read More »

Daniel Radcliffe gets the Potter scared out of him by Hammer Studios and The Woman In Black. And you will, too. WARNING:… Read More »

A pale woman in a vinyl catsuit opened fire indiscriminately today. Among the casualties were Plot and Consistency. She should… Read More »

David Fincher proves that darkness and brutality transcend language barriers—as does excellent filmmaking—in The Girl… Read More »

The original brilliant, antisocial, probably insane detective returns to save the world, outwit the bad guys and make smoldering… Read More »

The Muppets make a triumphant return to big-screen form in a film that’s funny, touching, exhilarating and refreshingly… Read More »

A bevy of Bronze Age beefcakes face off in something that resembles Greek myth if you kind of squint at it. Not that there’s… Read More »

In Time. A cerebral sci-fi film without a single explosion and starring Justin Timberlake? Yes, and it’s surprisingly,… Read More »

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