Karl Urban is a one-man justice squad in the entertaining Dredd, a winning genetic hybrid of grindhouse and graphic novel.… Read More »

Fear is a dish best served analog in the insidiously creepy found-footage horror anthology V/H/S. WARNING: MAY CONTAIN MILD… Read More »

Milla Jovovich. Zombies. 3D. Resident Evil: Retribution. You can probably fill in the rest.  WARNING: MAY CONTAIN MILD… Read More »

Supernatural hijinks ensue in The Possession, which is not just a Jewish version of The Exorcist. (Spoiler alert: It totally… Read More »

James Purefoy goes on a roaring rampage of revenge Puritan-style in the beautifully brutal Solomon Kane. WARNING: MAY CONTAIN… Read More »

The studio behind Coraline releases another stop-motion mix of horror, humor and drama with the surprisingly sweet and textured… Read More »

Colin Farrell does his best to prop up an unnecessary but entertaining remake of Total Recall. WARNING: MAY CONTAIN MILD… Read More »

Pathos and politics mix in The Dark Knight Rises, an appropriately explosive finale to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.… Read More »

Seth MacFarlane makes a welcome transition to the big screen with the hilarious, profane and even (yes) touching Ted. WARNING:… Read More »

Andrew Garfield gives good web in The Amazing Spider-Man, an argument in favor of the ever-present film franchise reboot.… Read More »

Even Channing Tatum’s admittedly glorious naked butt is powerless to prop up the limp, incapable Magic Mike, no matter… Read More »

The film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter isn’t capable of delivering the excitement of its title in a classic case… Read More »

Humanity is threatened by its own penchant for exploration in Prometheus, a prequel to Alien that really isn’t (but… Read More »

The Grimm Brothers meet Miyazaki and Tolkien while Charlize Theron meets utter fierceness in the dark, alluring Snow White… Read More »

A few excellent performances aren’t able to shed light on Tim Burton’s anemic adaptation of Dark Shadows. WARNING!… Read More »

After an assembly of four years, Marvel finally unleashes The Avengers, one of the best and purest superhero films ever made.… Read More »

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