You may wonder what a gay, atheist, vegetarian would be thankful for on Thanksgiving, and how he might express those thanks.… Read More »

If you’ve ever attended a panel discussion with an author, artist or creator, or seen an interview on TV, or read a… Read More »

The Muppets opens this week, and we here at Fanboys of the Universe couldn’t be more excited. I mean it. We are seriously,… Read More »

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Greetings, FBOTU Spotlight fans! Whether you are longtime fans of artist and comics creator Jon Macy, or you’re just… Read More »

If you’re planning a Halloween movie night, or if you just want to get into the spirit of the season, here’s… Read More »

Greetings, FBOTU Spotlight fans! Have I got a treat for you! And since we’re so close to Halloween, there might be… Read More »

Twenty-five years after its debut, Jem continues to resonate not only with the fans, who are almost to a person intensely… Read More »

Queer comics fans have a new reason to rejoice (and I’m not just talking about the return of Nightwing’s bulging… Read More »

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The DC relaunch (aka The New 52 aka What the Hell Are They Doing?!) is now in full swing, and FBOTU's very own Brian Andersen… Read More »

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As DC Comics has reminded us since May, there’s never been a better time to be a comics fan. Just not back in May. No,… Read More »

He’s lean, he’s green, and he’s on the scene like a sex machine. Thursdays With Patrick turns its focus… Read More »

In this week's Comics Load, Brian takes a look at the state of troubled youth in comics. From Superboy Prime to the Jr. Hellfire… Read More »

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