When animated cinema continuously relies on fluid, photo-realistic CGI and high-concept, fantastical settings, it’s… Read More »

The 1987 live-action Masters of the Universe film has been criticized from day one for not adhering to the animated series… Read More »

The first line of dialogue in Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak is “Ghosts are real”, spoken in voice-over… Read More »

In a great deal of science fiction, there is a profound sense of wonder inherent in the setting. There’s certainly… Read More »

It’s not easy being the second part of a trilogy. The expectations are high, and the rewards don’t really show… Read More »

There’s a belief among some people that a piece of art is either a heartfelt, passionate representation of an artist’s… Read More »

“Style over substance” is a phrase that’s usually used as a kind of back-handed insult, mainly because… Read More »

Let’s get this out of the way right now: there is probably no easy way to turn the Fantastic Four into sexy, exciting… Read More »

Could something truly be called nostalgic if you never leave the past? That’s the question unintentionally asked by… Read More »

There is a marked tendency in superhero films to go big or go home. It’s understandable. Part of the thrill of these… Read More »

It’s one thing to reboot a computer program when it isn’t working like it should. It’s quite another to… Read More »

One movie about a profane, weed-smoking talking teddy bear with a voice that’s semitone away from Peter Griffin was… Read More »

Most of us probably wish that the inside of our head could look like a Pixar cartoon and not like a wrinkled mass of gray… Read More »

Much like the poorly-conceived, exceedingly loud, tourist-approved hybrid dinosaur at its center, Jurassic World is a huge… Read More »

There’s often a very fine line between winking homage and satire. It basically comes down to a matter of whether or… Read More »

“Reboot” has become an ugly word in cinema, often with just cause. The precise equation that results in a film,… Read More »

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