A bevy of Bronze Age beefcakes face off in something that resembles Greek myth if you kind of squint at it. Not that there’s… Read More »

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is like the guy who’s unspeakably handsome, who enthralls you with every gesture, whose… Read More »

After “Who do you think you are?” the second most popular question I get here at Fanboys of the Universe is “How… Read More »

Only a select few in this world can really wear overalls and make it work. Mario and Luigi. Season three Willow from Buffy… Read More »

True story. I played with a Ouija board once at a party. It wasn’t really doing anything until this girl walked into… Read More »

If someone’s being sent out in the middle of the night to get killed by dinosaurs, then you know it must be a new episode… Read More »

There’s an effective narration towards the beginning of “Save the Last One,” the latest episode of AMC’s The… Read More »

Before we start this week’s episode of Supernatural, we’re reminded again that Dean killed Sam’s childhood… Read More »

In Time. A cerebral sci-fi film without a single explosion and starring Justin Timberlake? Yes, and it’s surprisingly,… Read More »

Roland Emmerich grows tired of destroying civilization as we know it and decides to focus on destroying Shakespeare with… Read More »

Barrel chest, voice made of gravel, excels in orgies of physical contact and a truckload of crazy boyfriends…you know you… Read More »

Having exhausted all the dramatic possibilities of vampires, werewolves, witches and Kardashians, the powers that be are… Read More »

It’s one for all and all for WTF when Paul W. S. Anderson goes medieval on French literature. Just go with it. WARNING:… Read More »

Most people know Samantha Newark as the speaking voice of Jem, the iconic 80s animated character. What most people don’t… Read More »

Welcome back, Supernatural fans! (Supernaturites? Supernaturalists?) It’s another week and another reminder that Dean… Read More »

This week’s episode of Terra Nova, “The Runaway,” gets underway pretty quickly, without much build-up,… Read More »

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