This week’s episode of Supernatural begins with a very pointed recap of last week’s episode. Think maybe the… Read More »

In this week’s episode of Terra Nova, “What Remains,” a genetically engineered pathogen that induces amnesia… Read More »

“Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Edge of Time does some of what a spider can.” In Spider-Man: Edge of Time, some douchebag is… Read More »

In last week’s episode of Supernatural, Leviathans took over Sioux Falls general hospital, and Sam found that he could… Read More »

Where would the horror genre be without stupid white people moving into haunted/possessed/demonized houses? Sometimes they… Read More »

Dear Diary- What do you do when you like a boy and he’s totally dreamy, but also kind of evil, and he’s always… Read More »

Pop quiz! Which of the following scenes would you find the most exciting to watch: #1 Commander Taylor and Hunky Jim capture… Read More »

Also known by its working titles of Night Of The Living Preppies and Stop The Chainsaw Massacre, I Want To Get Off! In Tucker… Read More »

When last we left Supernatural, Cas put the souls back in Purgatory, but couldn’t quite shake the Leviathans dwelling… Read More »

Dear Diary- So much to tell you! Just give me a second to pull on my Fosse gear, ‘cause we’re going to Chicago!… Read More »

Anyone who’s familiar with Seth MacFarlane’s rather copious animated output knows one thing: the man loves music.… Read More »

Think edgy Six Million Dollar Man and you’ll get Adam Jensen, the protagonist in Deus Ex: Human Revolution by Square Enix.… Read More »

In the future, everything is gross. Is the future ever awesome? No, never. It’s craptacular. Even when the future manages… Read More »

Can you believe Supernatural is back for a seventh season? I’m not complaining, necessarily, even though season six… Read More »

Yay! Fringe is back! The best sci-fi show on television returns, and everything is all messed up. At the end of last season,… Read More »

Taylor Lautner is attractive and has nice abs. And guns go bang bang. Film: Abduction Starring: Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins,… Read More »

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