How many times can I use “disembowel” in one Comics Load? It’s kind of a bloody week in comics, so I threw… Read More »

I admit it, last week I was pretty gloomy on all the Comics Load titles I was reading. This week is much better, I promise!… Read More »

Let me start off by apologizing for the unusually cranky Comics Load this week. Don’t worry. We’re not turning… Read More »

If owls prey on bats, what preys on owls? Is there some sort of tree badger that attacks owl nests during the daytime? I… Read More »

On the eve of The Avengers and Star Wars Day, is anyone even reading comics this week? Don’t feel bad if you haven’t… Read More »

How exciting to have Smallville among my weekly downloads! I’m going to read it every Friday night at 9/8c and sing,… Read More »

All the crossover summer events are underway now, so most of this week’s titles are dominated by Avengers Vs Owls and… Read More »

The holidays are coming, but you wouldn’t know it in this week’s comics, which are completely devoid of any sort… Read More »

Queer comics fans have a new reason to rejoice (and I’m not just talking about the return of Nightwing’s bulging… Read More »

The DC relaunch (aka The New 52 aka What the Hell Are They Doing?!) is now in full swing, and FBOTU's very own Brian Andersen… Read More »

Lest ye think Justice League #1 was the only game in town last week, here are a few additional notable releases, including… Read More »

As DC Comics has reminded us since May, there’s never been a better time to be a comics fan. Just not back in May. No,… Read More »

In this week's Comics Load, Brian takes a look at the state of troubled youth in comics. From Superboy Prime to the Jr. Hellfire… Read More »

Greetings, Comics Load fans! We're adding a new little feature to the Load that I hope you'll enjoy. Starting this week,… Read More »

Now that I’m caught up on mainstream comics, I’m going to devote some time to my indie stack, including a load of new… Read More »

Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think, that my annual trip to Comic-Con always leaves me about a month behind on comics? I… Read More »

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