Can J.J. Abrams‘s new vision of Star Trek change my lifelong dislike of the franchise? The answer is yes. (And no).… Read More »

Hmm…an anti-metal weapon. Kind of…well…lame. Thoughts? Read More »

Site member and pop culture pundit Johnny M reviews X-Men Origins: Wolverine for us. You can read more of Johnny’s… Read More »

Check out the Gay Comic Geek‘s latest review: Joe Phillips’ sexy and sassy Stonewall & Riot animated movie!… Read More »

Well, I’m slightly afraid of the new version of the titular song. And the original was a pretty gritty drama, while… Read More »

This doesn’t come out until October, but the teaser trailer has really caught my eye. It looks…well…lovely.… Read More »

To misquote Whoopie Goldberg in Ghost, I couldn’t help thinking, “Harry…you in danger, girl” while… Read More »

I don’t know about you, but when my non-geek friends need a tour guide into the world of geekdom, they call on me.… Read More »

Watchmen will be released next week and will either be a hit or not. But Watchmen is not a movie that will just come and… Read More »

Here we are on the one-year anniversary of Heath Ledger‘s death and he was just nominated for an Oscar for his performance… Read More »

You simply can’t have a full-fledged phenom without a fragrance. Believe me, I used to wear Carrington. So for all… Read More »

So Logan called me up last night, very late I might add, and said, “Hey buddy. The temperature in the hot tub is perfect.… Read More »

The interwebs is a-buzzin’ with the latest Thor casting rumor. Apparently, Rome and Trainspotting star Kevin McKidd… Read More »

Hmm. Still no full frontal Dr. Manhattan. There had better be shiny blue genitals in this movie, or I’m walking out.… Read More »

I have fallen into a deep depression because Halloween is over. Why can’t every day be Halloween? Seems like it was… Read More »

Shakespeare meets Thor! I just had a Thorgasm! This is really interesting news. Check it out! Here’s a news snippet… Read More »

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